Twidiot Vol. 1 is the first year of the Trump Twlight Zone, documented month by month, through Donald Trump's Twitter feed and Nichole Berrieault-Doss's Facebook feed. 

This "bookazine" is put into a newspaper-style layout for highlighting the most outrageous moments of the Trump & friend's crazy train or as Nichole refers to him, "The Twidiot." 

Self-proclaimed code-talker for the resistance, which grew out of the presidency of one, Donald J. Trump. 


Nichole Berrieault-Doss simply found herself distraught and dismayed in 2016, after the loss of our first Woman president, to, adding insult to injury, the most openly chauvinistic man on the planet.  What started out as a need to vent her frustration and heartbreak, quickly grew into a large community of like-minded Americans, all feeling similar to what she felt.  


This community became a force to help spread useful information for truth and justice, in a real effort to counter-act the republican online force for spreading hate and anger. Which is what many of us believe was the tipping scale in Hillary Clinton's loss. 

Total misinformation and lies so vicious and deceptive, coupled with people too lazy to fact check, and that is how we end up with a Twidiot for potus.  SO, Nichole, along with so many others were determined to not allow it to happen again in 2018/2020, at least not without a real effort to inform as many people on social media of what is happening. 

Nichole has spent the past 5 years on social media, documenting the Twidot, as well as responding to his nonsense with common sense, in hopes of giving people an anchor in reality to hold onto. Twidiot and his cohorts, or "friends", spent the past five+ years working hard to confuse and disillusion Americans again, for nothing more than their own selfish, greedy, and evil means. 


Twidiot Vol. 1 is the first in a four-part series, documenting all four years of Trump's nightmare as president of the United States.  It is meant to be a reminder of the nightmare, and although it has some funny memes included, because let's face it, this potus was a comedian's dream, and at least we will always have their work to laugh at, it surely got us through the hardest days of his term, but it's also here to serve as a reminder of just how dangerous he is, how close we came to losing our Democracy, and WHY we should never allow him back in the WH or anywhere near government again. 

Vol. II will cover 2018, Vol. III for 2019 and Vol. IV for 2020. 


Each of those will be released individually. This is a self-published book (for now), and it will keep cost down to release it this way. There are two versions available, a magazine style or a book-a-zine style, that has a heavy cover, but still considered soft. 

This book is also serving as a FUND-RAISER for the author's mission called "Care-A-Van to the Capitol - which is a vision she has to get in her camper van and head to small red (Q) counties and try to get voters informed and registered to vote democrat in 2022/2024.  

You can find more about this cause on Facebook at: 

Thank you for purchasing this magazine and for caring about our country!  

Twidiot Vol. 1 (2017)

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